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The heartache antidote

What to do, when your boyfriend suddenly breaks up with you? Well, for a travel soul like me the answer was clear: Jump into the next plane and go somewhere you’ve never been before. ICELAND seemed to be the perfect destination for this plan – a lonely island far away from the European mainland, far away from home and from my everyday life. So I packed my bags and jumped into the next plane to Reykjavik in Juli this year. By approaching Iceland I became aware of one thing immediately: I’m entering a world where natures rules. As far as the eye could see the ground was covered with black lava rocks.

Global Love

(Deutscher Text unten) In these days I keep asking myself, what relevance does my blog have at all? What relevance does my very personal (and maybe unilateral) view have considering what else is happening in this world. The terrorist attacks in Paris and also in Beirut (to be mentioned here equally) gave me a lot food for thought. Left me shocked, angry and sad at the same time. The attacks made me feel powerless – because I can’t stop the IS on my own, can’t stop the murdering. And I ask myself what can I do to give the world that we live in another hue. Another colouration than the hateful-power-hungry-mindless-egocentric deep black of the IS that threatens to devour the Middle East like a tar slick.

Venice: Rewarding encounters

I met Eduardo on a sunny autumn day in the streets of the lonely Island of Burano. Between the little colourful houses that reminded him of a town in Mexico. He was wandering around alone and seemed to enjoy the solitude. Like a lonesome wolf. I wasn’t surprised to read in his couchsurfing profile days later that one of his favorite books is “El lobo estepario” – the Spanish version of the novel “Steppenwolf” by the German author Hermann Hesse. Yes, Eduardo reminded me of a wolf. But a good one 😉 A peaceful wolf with curious shining eyes. The Generator hostel connection And Eduardo “El lobo” joined our group. “Our group” that was Rozka from Egypt, Jelena from Serbia, Nicolas and Tiphaine from France – a multi-cultural group that had just formed the evening before in the common area of the Generator Hostel – our mutual base in Venice.