About me


The journey started in the year 1985. I was born into the creative chaos of Cologne, a metropolis in the very west of Germany. Surrounded by the music of Tracy Chapman talking about a revolution and by the banana artworks of Thomas Baumgärtel who lived just one floor below us. Maybe this is why I love street art that much nowadays – because of the artistic spirit of the forefather of german street art that surrounded me in early infancy 😉 … The fragments of my young soul were just about to take shape. Then my parents broke up and we moved. Several times … a lot of times. These days I live in my 16th home and I’m back in Cologne.

This blog is about the never-ending journey of life. And about how to make the most of it. Blogging to me means reminding myself of staying awake and curious, of constantly developing myself, of seeing things from another perspective – to reflect what I see and hear and feel.

I love street art and the urban life with all its facets. On my travels I always try to take a look “behind the scenes” of a place, to catch its certain atmosphere apart from touristic main routes. I meet locals to get an even deeper and more personal insight into a place.

This blog is a documentation of my discoveries.

If you want to send me a personal message you can do so via:
mail (at) rooftopmelodies (dot) com

Cheerio! Yours, Anna