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Summer Melodies

I’m bitten by the travel bug again. It happened last weekend when I was driving with my mom southwards Germany to visit my aunt, uncle and cousin in Worms. Yes there is a German city called Worms – funny, isn’t it 😀

The trip reminded me of a road trip through the French island of Corsica that I did in 2014 together with my friend Elena. I wrote about it on my old travel blog (still need to transfer all the articles on this blog – but unfortunately most of them are written in German so I have to translate them first).

So last weekend I had to think a lot about traveling, about the places I’ve visited so far and about the places I still want to see on this beautiful world. 🙂 And there are a lot of places that I want to see! This is why I decided to create the map below.

The blue markers represent the places I’ve already seen and the yellow stars are the places that I want to visit in the future. And I set myself a goal: Before turning 40 I want to set foot on every continent! 🙂

Besides America, Oceania and Africa there are also still a lot of places in Europe left, that I haven’t seen yet. For example I would love to make a journey along the route of Goethe’s Italy trip – walking through the beautiful landscape of Tuscany and visiting Rome and Naples 🙂

In June I could tick of another item of my travel bucket list: Athens. 🙂 I spent 6 days with my darling in the Greek metropolis and it was so much worth the trip! Athens is an amazing city! Super-friendly people, great atmosphere between historically loaded sites (like the Acropolis of course) and colourful rebellious quarters like Exarchia with a lot of street art. I’m still working on several blog posts about the trip.

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