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Spring Melodies

Time flies! Spring brings along a lot of changes. There is an growth on different levels of my life. The design agency I work for (Philipp Seine Helden – click to see our new website designed by me! ;)) is growing – not only the team is getting bigger but we’re also gaining two (!) more floors and our own photo studio! 🙂

Furthermore I’m extending my personal space and will move into a bigger apartment (same house, one floor higher – what an easy move this will be! 😀).

And finally after a little (unfamiliar) kind of travel-depression (maybe caused by a travel-overdose aka my big Asia trip last year) I have new travel plans for this year! 🙂 I’ll spend one week in Finland’s capital Helsinki early in September to visit Helsinki Design Week. And I’m also having in mind to visit the documenta in Athens (this year for the first time Kassel has a sideshow in the Greek capital!).

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