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Venice: Rewarding encounters

I met Eduardo on a sunny autumn day in the streets of the lonely Island of Burano. Between the little colourful houses that reminded him of a town in Mexico. He was wandering around alone and seemed to enjoy the solitude. Like a lonesome wolf. I wasn’t surprised to read in his couchsurfing profile days later that one of his favorite books is “El lobo estepario” – the Spanish version of the novel “Steppenwolf” by the German author Hermann Hesse. Yes, Eduardo reminded me of a wolf. But a good one 😉 A peaceful wolf with curious shining eyes.

The Generator hostel connection

And Eduardo “El lobo” joined our group. “Our group” that was Rozka from Egypt, Jelena from Serbia, Nicolas and Tiphaine from France – a multi-cultural group that had just formed the evening before in the common area of the Generator Hostel – our mutual base in Venice.

Jelena, me, Rozka, Tiphaine & Nicolas (FLTR)

Rozka – the funny Egyptian

Rozka was the first Egyptian man I ever met and to be honest I never thought Egyptians could be that crazy and funny and sociable. Don’t know why. Maybe because the media just shows us a certain face of Egypt that is very different from Europe. And this is why traveling and meeting people from other cultures is soooo important! To eliminate our prejudices! I want to give you an example of how Rozkas mind is working by just quoting his self-description from couchsurfing 😉

To lose my attachment retardants, Then Travel and experience the whole vast world. Or in other words “make a whole lot of money and spend every penny of it on a trip for the rest of my life”. …..Okay the real secret mission is “Find a unicorn, make them fart rainbows, bag them in plastic bags -u don’t wanna know how-, then sell them, and use the money for tooth ferry hunting expedition.”
(editor’s note: I think he means the “tooth fairy” :D)

My nickname is Rozza, which in Arabic means a grain of rice, & if u saw me um 195 cm so that was an awful nickname to be called with, but it stuck :D, and recently I knew that Rozza in some languages mean pink, so sometimes I introduce myself with Rozka to avoid being laughed at :D, it’s a big mess :D.
Anyways I like to think of myself as a pragmatic person, I’m ready to try anything new, Flexible, Very social with very wide circle of Acquaintances, reliable, funny to be around -um told that only by seeing my face it’s laugh provoking which I confirm it’s not true :D- and my personal dream is to see everything in this planet or die while trying.”

Anna – the Polish art historian

But on my journeys I’m also keen on meeting locals to gain a deeper insight into the place. And this was the point when Anna entered the stage of Venice 😉 Another Anna. Anna, the Polish art historian. Anna, who works for the Venice Biennale in the third year. And yes she was like the queen of arts. With a brilliant mind. I was kind of absorbing everything she told me about Venice and about her work at the Art Biennale. And then suddenly when we were standing outside a bar having a drink an Irish guy walked along and recognized me from the Generator Hostel. And he took us with him on a little night ride with his boat. Navigating through the dark and silent channels of Venice. In some places – as Anna puts it – it was like in a potential crime scene 😀 But nothing happened! Except from a wonderful experience that will stay in my mind! 🙂


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