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December Melodies: Reykjavik

This month it’s all about REYKJAVIK! I visited the northernmost capital this summer on a long weekend trip. I think I’ve never been to such a small city with so much art. 🙂 Partly it felt like being in a small version of London. But Reykjavik has its own character. It’s relaxed and open-minded.

Let me take you on a tour through a city that never sleeps at night (because there is almost no darkness in summer),  show you some stunning architecture, introduce you to some amazing people who I met and give you some insider tips by locals. Of course I will also pick out the most beautiful street artworks for you! And let me tell you, Reykjavik has a lot street art to offer! 🙂

The trip was part of “Helden en voyage” – a design study trip sponsored by Philipp Seine Helden (the agency I work for).

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