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Winter Melodies

In September when I was just back from my Asia trip my head was so full of thoughts about this world, about the differences of culture and religion and the general way of life. The journey had deeply impressed me. In the first weeks after the trip I talked with a lot of friends about what I had experienced and I was absolutely willing to write down all these thoughts also on this blog. Ideally to create a dialogue with others.

But it was like there were just too many impressions and I had no idea where to start. It might have been consequentially to just write about the different places I had visited chronologically but somehow it felt wrong to start with Singapore. Because looking back on the journey as a whole Singapore was not the city that stirred me up. In Singapore I felt very safe and sheltered – not just because I had good friends arround but also because of the city itself which was probably the most “Western” city on my trip.

The real adventure began when I crossed the Malaysian border… And I’m still willing to let you become part of this adventure – here on this blog! 🙂 But there is life – the here and now. There is my full-time job at my beloved little design agency (BTW I’m celebrating my 5th anniversary this month! For 5 years now I’m part of Philipp Seine Helden) and there are friends and my new love… So let’s see when I get around to write all these posts about Asia that are still on my list. 😉

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