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Venice Street Art

Street Art in Venice is a lot more subtile than in other cities. You don’t have huge murals here (at least I didn’t find any). The artworks are often better integrated into the existing environment – hidden treasures that you have to keep a lookout for. Most artworks I found in Dorsoduro and Santa Croce apart from touristic routes.

I just found three pieces from street artists that I already know: two by c215 and one by Alice Pasquini. The other others weren’t signed. So if you recognize one of the other artists feel free to comment on this post – you would give me a great pleasure! 🙂


Artwork by c215 at campo de S. Basegio / DORSODURO

Since I absolutely love street art I want to start something new on this blog:
THE STREET ART WHO’S WHO – periodically I will introduce you to my favorite street artists.

Today I will start with Alice Pasquini.
I was surprised and lucky to find one of her artworks also in the streets of Venice:


Artwork by Alice at Fondamenta de la Croce / SANTA CROCE

Streetart links:
Alice Pasquini
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