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Street Art Who’s Who: Alice Pasquini

Alice Pasquini is an Urban storyteller. A female street artist who wants to change the world by bringing some hope back into the streets. Her warmly colorful artworks show strong independent women, playing kids and intimate moments. Often she also uses short text passages within her artworks to deepen the message. Her work is an expression of being alive, of appreciating the single moment and not loosing ones childlike curiosity. So Alice is somehow like “Alice in wonderland” 🙂 – she creates an urban wonderland.

London Street Art Tour

Last Saturday I attended a Street Art Tour through East London (Shoreditch) with my London-based friends Elly and Filipe. Our Guide: a small, sporty woman with a French accent, husky voice, dark hair, black eyes and a quite nice tattoo on her neck (two f-holes like you can find them on violin instruments) that just appeared when she was turning her head and when her plait flew aside. She told us a lot about the different artists and street art techniques. Here are some of my favorite ones (I show you not only pictures from this Street Art Tour but also from a tour through Brick Lane and surroundings I did on my own two years ago): El Mac Known for his contemporary photorealistic portraiture. His images often depict people who live in the area where he paints, mainly members of the Chicano and Mexican community with whom he grew up. Ben Murphy Also known as “Tape Artist” creates his artwork with black tape on windows. Invader Artist from Paris who works with tiles in …