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Generator Hostel Venice

When I travel, I normally prefer staying in Airbnb apartments but in Venice it was simply too expensive to book a room just for me through airbnb. This is why I decided to stay in a hostel. And I was more than excited as I found the Generator Hostel Venice. A hostel located in an old converted grain house with a peculiar charm. A mixture of ancient furniture, tessellated floor, Persian carpets and modern details.

generator hostel venice

The hostel is located on the island Guidecca which is south of Venetian central island:

Venetian hostel atmosphere – as unique as the city itself

For me it was the first time ever that I stayed in a shared room with 6 strangers. But it didn’t feel strange at all 🙂 In fact, it was one of the best ways to get in contact with a bunch of amazing people very quickly. The dorms were very basic but there was a pretty cool and cosy lounge area downstairs where you could have a drink or dinner and chat with people. So on my first evening in the hostel I ordered a “Spritz” at the bar and just mixed with the other guests. And I made friends immediately. At the end of the day we were a small group of Egyptian, Canadian, Serbian, French and German origin 🙂 and made plans for the next day together: Visiting the islands Murano, Burano and Torcello.

So I can highly recommend the hostel to you! Feel free to have a look at their website and to discover the lounge area by using this embedded google indoor map:

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